Best Gender Reveal Dress Designs

Looking for a clever way to share the sex of your baby? Throw a gender reveal party! This type of celebration is typically held during pregnancy as a way for expecting parents to surprise friends and family with the gender of the baby in an exciting way.

Of course, there are many things to consider when planning a gender reveal, such as what you’ll wear. The right outfit will deliver both style and comfort, and in some cases, will show everyone your gender preference. Consider sporting a pink dress for team girl or a blue dress for team boy.

Regardless of gender, a new baby is a blessing and a gender reveal party is simply a way to celebrate the impending birth in a creative way.

What Is a Gender Reveal?

Gender reveal parties are a fairly new concept first developed in the late 2000s. They are often confused with baby showers but have a different purpose. While a baby shower focuses on gifting supplies for the new baby and expecting parents, a gender reveal focuses on the baby’s sex.

Sharing of the baby’s gender is typically done in a unique way. Some expecting parents choose to reveal pink or blue confetti from a balloon or piñata, while others choose the classic option of cutting into a cake to reveal a pink or blue interior. Expecting parents may also ask guests to vote on whether they think the new baby is a girl or boy before the big reveal.

Popular Gender Reveal Dress Designs

One of the toughest decisions you’ll need to make when planning a gender reveal is what dress you’ll wear to the event. You may already have some dress ideas in mind, such as a certain print or fabric. However, if you want to choose a pregnancy dress that correlates to your gender preference, focus on color. Here are some of the best designs we offer in pink and blue:

Color by Gender


1. Anya (Blush) 

The Anya dress in the color Blush is a soft pink gown constructed of stretch rayon jersey knit. This striking maternity dress features a form-fitting bodice, off-the-shoulder scoop neckline, mermaid skirt, and detachable chiffon train. Show off your bump and curvy figure as you make your entrance.

2. Chara (Blush)

Made from super soft stretch lace and chiffon, the Chara dress flows effortlessly over the body for a flattering look. This pale pink dress features a chiffon skirt that flares out with a train for dramatic effect. It also has a sleek V-neck, full back, and elastic under the bust area to help accentuate your curves.

3. Evie (Blush)

The Evie dress is soft, flowy, and a popular option for gender reveal parties. Opt for this dress in the color Blush to show your support for a little girl. The gown features off-the-shoulder chiffon sleeves that are fixed to a crisscrossing sweetheart neckline. The flowy chiffon skirt has overlapped fabric and a side split that shows just the perfect amount of leg. There is also a 25-inch slip under the chiffon for adequate coverage.

4. Maeve (Dusty Rose)

If you love the look of ruffles, then you’ll adore the Maeve dress, available in a lovely Dusty Rose hue. This gender reveal dress features soft ruffles from head to toe, ensuring that you’ll make a statement as soon as you enter the room. As this dress is sheer, you’ll want to choose the appropriate clothing underneath. Consider a form-fitting slip dress, maternity shorts, or body suit for extra coverage.


1. Jax (Rain)

You’ll look amazing in your gender reveal photos while sporting the Jax dress in the color Rain. This soft stretch rayon jersey knit gown comfortably glides over the body and will deliver an eye-catching swish as you walk around the event. The form-fitting bodice features flare long sleeves, a crisscrossing off-the-shoulder neckline, and a classic empire waistline. You’ll also love the detachable chiffon train and fitted mermaid skirt.

2. Kathryn (Spa)

You want to feel confident and amazing when you reveal your baby’s gender and there’s no better way to do it than in the striking Kathryn gown in the color Spa. This flawless design features a form-fitting bodice with demure long sleeves, a wide V-neckline, and a classical empire waistline. The fitted skirt cascades down to the floor, making it the perfect dress for a photoshoot during your event.

3. Nicolette (Rain)

The Nicolette dress in the color Rain is one of the best dress options for any mama who’s on team blue! This two-piece set consists of a feminine lace bodysuit and the Kalani chiffon wrap skirt. Show just a little bit of leg by leaving a slit on one side. The lovely lace bodysuit also has soft stretch lace in off-white, as well as a lining under the lace that complements the blue chiffon color.

Neutral Colors

If you prefer not to wear pink or blue, consider a neutral-colored maternity dress. Greens, yellows, and whites are considered gender neutral and are commonly found in maternity fashion. Here are some of the best designs we offer in these colors:

Greens and Yellows

1. Anya (Dark Sage)

The Anya dress in Dark Sage is the perfect example of a neutral classic gown that will make you feel beautiful and confident at your event. This two piece set includes an effortless classic gown with a beautiful long train. It features a form-fitting bodice, an off the shoulder scoop neckline, flared long sleeves, and an empire waistline. You will look and feel glamorous in this mermaid maternity dress at your gender reveal.

2. Evie (Sage)

The Evie dress in the color Sage is another popular option that will make any expecting mom feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. This soft and flowy gown is both comfortable and flattering with its off the shoulder chiffon sleeves, sweetheart neckline, and empire waist. There is also a slip under the chiffon for added coverage. From the empire waist to the hem, the Evie dress spans 48 inches long.

3. Jax (Dark Sage)

Choosing the right dress for your gender reveal is a big deal. You’ll want to look back at photos or maybe even a video and love the way that you looked. For fond memories of the event, consider a striking maternity dress like Jax in Dark Sage. This glamorous two-piece set will have you feeling like a princess. The gown features a flattering bodice with a crisscrossing neckline and flared long-sleeves, as well as a detached chiffon train.

4. Mirielle (Dark Sage)

Look amazing in all of your gender reveal party photos with the Mirielle dress in Dark Sage. This sleek gown consists of two pieces, a long-sleeve sweetheart dress and a chiffon tossing train. Finish the look with a few fun accessories, such as a flower crown that complements the stunning sage dress or an eye-catching necklace that adds a hint of sparkle to the outfit.

5. Sonnet (Dark Sage)

The Sonnet dress in Dark Sage is ideal for a wide range of occasions. It’s the perfect baby shower dress and gender reveal dress and is great for any other event that requires a stylish and sophisticated outfit. This soft chiffon gown features a deep V neckline and a sash that can be tied around the waist for a fitted look. You can also leave the sash off for a flowing boho-style design.

6. Roisin (Yellow)

All eyes will be on you as you walk into the event in a Yellow Roisin gown. This lovely dress is made from soft stretch knit and features a silky chiffon tossing train that will elevate your look. The form-fitting bodice has flutter sleeves and a classical empire waistline. Watch as the voluminous split-tail butterfly train swishes back and forth as you walk, ensuring that you’re the center of attention.


1. Claudie (Ivory)

Many expecting moms are drawn to white maternity gowns as they represent simplicity and innocence. The Claudie dress in Ivory is a bohemian full-length gown crafted of beautiful lace with a jersey lining for shape and comfort. The dress has long lace open sleeves that are trimmed with delicate chiffon. It also has a flared skirt that creates a dramatic effect with each step.

2. Odette (Off White)

The Odette gown in Off White is also a spectacular option for gender reveals. With its beautiful soft stretch jersey knit fabric, classical empire waistline, and wide V-neckline, the gown will look incredible in all of your celebration photos. Odette also comes with a detachable chiffon train that you can toss or let pool around your feet.

3. Willa (Ivory)


Few materials are more gorgeous than lace and the Willa dress in Ivory is the ultimate example. This dreamy gown is crafted from delicate stretch floral print lace and features detailed scalloped edging. The dress is also lined with soft jersey fabric to allow for fluid movement. Finally, the long bell sleeves are accented by a lovely crossover neckline.

Custom Pink and Blue Maternity Dresses from J&L Designs

As parents, we know that whether we find out it’s a boy or a girl we’ve been truly blessed just the same. That is why many expecting moms choose to wear a gender reveal dress that expresses their excitement for both genders. Celebrate your gender reveal in a custom dress by J&L Designs that features both pink and blue elements.

If you’re looking for a multi-colored pink and blue maternity dress for your upcoming gender reveal party, the team of creative professionals at J&L Designs can help you design a custom maternity dress based on your unique style, preferences, fabric options, and budget restrictions.

Each one-of-a-kind dress we create is tailored to the client’s exact specifications, meaning no two dresses are ever alike. Our handcrafted maternity gowns feature high-quality fabrics and come with a fit guarantee. Contact J&L Designs Boutique today to learn more.